زﻳستن چون گل سرخ – ﺑرﮔردان آزاد از ﺳﻬﻴل ﻓروزان‌ﺳﭙﻬر

دیدگانی که به دیدگانم خیره میشوند و لبخندی که بر لبانش ناپدید میگردد این است چهره‌ی بی​‌آرایش آنکه بدو دلبستم و آن هنگام که مرا تنگ در آغوش میگیرد و ...

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Sag nicht auf wiedersehn, und sag nicht goodbye!

365 days ago this day I left Jacobs to experience the wilderness outside after working for about 7 years with my friends. Although it was a bit sentimental to leave ...

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Saeed Forouzan-sepehr

A Tribute to My Dad

In August 2014 and just a few weeks before his 71st birthday, my Dad sadly passed away and I rushed back home to take care of my Mum for while after ...

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Understanding a project – Part 2: Analysis

As mentioned in my previous post, “Understanding an engineering project!“, I have recently restarted blogging after a long period of silence and then migrating from Movable Type to WordPress which ...

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Understanding an engineering project!

I originally wrote this text in the social network of our company in July 2014 for my colleagues around the world. After migrating from Movable Type to WordPress system for ...

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