Sag nicht auf wiedersehn, und sag nicht goodbye!

365 days ago this day I left Jacobs to experience the wilderness outside after working about 7 years with my friends. Although it was a bit sentimental to leave my ...

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Saeed Forouzan-sepehr

A Tribute to My Dad

In August 2014 and just a few weeks before his 71st birthday, my Dad sadly passed away and I rushed back home to take care of my Mum for while after ...

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Understanding a project – Part 2: Analysis

As mentioned in my previous post, “Understanding an engineering project!“, I have recently restarted blogging after a long period of silence and then migrating from Movable Type to WordPress which ...

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Understanding an engineering project!

I originally wrote this text in the social network of our company in July 2014 for my colleagues around the world. After migrating from Movable Type to WordPress system for ...

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ﺗﭙش – ﺑرﮔردان آزاد از ﺳﻬﻴل ﻓروزان‌ﺳﭙﻬر

این نوا که هر روز و شب مرا نخجیر میکند این نوای دیرپا نبشته‌ی امروز نیست این نوا از آن دوردستی می‌آید که سرزمین من است این نوا به همراه ...

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Sahar Dehghan

رﻗﺺ اﻳراﻧﻰ

برای روز جهانی رقص (29 آوریل): «چو گلهای سپید صبحگاهی در آغوش سیاهی شكوفا شو. به پا برخیز و پیراهن رها كن؛ گره از گیسوان خفته وا كن. فریبا شو؛ ...

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My last deed was just a glorious mourning for my buried emotions corpse in the graveyard my ‘dearest’ made .   – Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, 26th Jan 2010

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Dr Forouzan-sepehr Passed Away.

گفت کسی خواجه سنایی بمرد        مرگ چنين خواجه نه کاريست خرد گنج زری بود در اين خاکدان          کو دو جهان را به جوی میشمرد ...

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Sahar Dehghan By Sohail Forouzan-sepehr


In this material world, perhaps thou and I art shadows of two lovers in another world. Our minds have been engaged long time before we met.   – Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, 16th ...

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My Kingdom!

They always tell me ‘you live like a king!’ Yes, I do. I should live like a king. Because I am a king, King of kings, King of a large ...

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