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Dr Forouzan-sepehr Passed Away.

گفت کسی خواجه سنایی بمرد        مرگ چنين خواجه نه کاريست خرد

گنج زری بود در اين خاکدان          کو دو جهان را به جوی میشمرد


Dr Mohsen Forouzan-sepehrDr Mohsen Forouzan-sepehr, the grand member of Forouzan-sepehr Family and my beloved uncle, passed away while I was in Budapest. L He achieved his PhD in Urban Sociology from the University of Strasbourg, France and was a knowledgeable treasure in sociology, politics, history and several other fields. He was the director of the Ministry of Finance and a member of Iranian Intellectuals Organisation with several awards and medals as well as a university lecturer in Iran before the revolution of 1979. Not only as my uncle but also as a very sincere and cool friend of mine, I can still remember our long interesting discussions in history and its philosophy, the effects of social restrictions on historical events, his poems, his worries as well as his priceless memorabilia especially in Tehrani accent and also his amazing Tehrani traditional dances. I can remember his neutral wise criticisms about political issues and it was really interesting and admirable how he was able to criticise the events completely neutrally and scientifically. When his beloved son, my cousin, was shot to death during the revolution, he just forgave his killer as he believed nemesis can’t give him back his son.

We all missed such a great man, a great treasure. L It’s really a shame we couldn’t gather his knowledge either by voice recording or notes. In his absence and his memory, however, I’ll keep supporting young talented Iranian scientists, artists, … as much as I can afford, and then after me, hopefully, his grandsons will do it under some Forouzan-sepehr’s NGO scholarship schemes. May he rest in peace in God’s heaven.

Kind regards,

Sohail 😪