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My last deed was just a glorious mourning for my buried emotions corpse in the graveyard my ‘dearest’ made.   – Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, 26th Jan 2010

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Sahar Dehghan By Sohail Forouzan-sepehr


In this material world, perhaps thou and I art shadows of two lovers in another world. Our minds have been engaged long time before we met.   – Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, 16th ...

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My Kingdom!

They always tell me ‘you live like a king!’ Yes, I do. I should live like a king. Because I am a king, King of kings, King of a large ...

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درﺑﺎره ﻧوﺷﺘﻪﻫﺎﻳم

پرسش: چرا درباره خودم می‌نويسم؟ پاسخ: اجازه بدهيد اين پرسش را با نقل قولی از صادق هدايت که وصف‌الحال خود می‌بينم پاسخ دهم. شايد نوشته زير از نظر برخی خوانندگان ...

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