In this material world, perhaps thou and I art shadows of two lovers in another world. Our minds have been engaged long time before we met.


 Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, 16th November 2009, Chelmsford

Calm Down

Not once upon a time but just right today, when I was burning in fever, I saw a window. A piece of paper and an unsharpened-ball pencil were especially and funnily ready for me near my bed. I remembered I had drawn that window many years ago with a young girl in front waiting for her destiny. She was there, in my mind, like always in my heart; I was in my bed burning in fever. My left hand started to shake on that paper. Some verses were coming from the window dirtying the paper, maybe unmeaning maybe even ridiculous:

Calm down, calm down;

You are me, I am you;

Look in the mirror.


Calm down, calm down;

And wait for the phone ring. An angel will ring.

This time you must speak more peacefully.


Don’t be selfish, don’t be shy;

This time you must love me more;

Don’t forget, you are me, I am you;

It’ll be a different life. So, you must give me more.


Just look in the mirror;

And calm down, calm down;

Forever calm down.

– Sohail Forouzan-sepehr, 14 June 2007.